Kevin is a very talented and dedicated software engineer and a valued team member. He has broadened his considerable engineering skills over the years to tackle advanced technical challenges and assume a variety of leadership roles. His creative problem solving skills, experience, attention to detail, and software engineering talents make him a versatile and valued team player. Kevin has always been fun to work with and his enthusiasm, dedication, and standards of excellence become infectious. I highly recommend Kevin for any software/system engineering or leadership role, as he has always been able to solve the tough problems, rise to the challenge, and deliver as promised.

Stephen P. Corcoran
Chief Engineer
Lumidigm, Inc.

As a new graduate, I worked under Kevin when he was the Vice President of Engineering at a small aerospace startup. He was easy to work with and used his knowledge and experience to help me get accustomed to the engineering process in the aerospace/high reliability industry. As the only software engineer in the company, Kevin developed and maintained software packages for five distinct products and tracked their requirements and bug reports. He believed in being very thorough in design, development, and test in both hardware and software. This resulted in a product that had very few problems from the initial release through all subsequent hardware and software updates. He has a very broad skill set in software and was able to help me troubleshoot hardware problems as well.

Jake Dostal
Design Engineer/Co-Founder
Vertical Power

I've known and worked with Kevin for over seven years. In that time, I have found Kevin to be hard working, dedicated and passionate about his work. His technical excellence coupled with his broad experience makes him a superior candidate for a technical leadership position. In particular, his unique experience designing complete products and fielding real systems provide a rare and valuable skill mix with a strong emphasis in system design. Kevin is an effective team builder and cohesive leader. His straightforward and positive leadership style leads to successful and productive teams. Kevin will be an essential member of any organization he joins.

Matt Ross
Embedded Software Engineer
Boeing-SVS, Inc.

I have worked with Kevin on a very sophisticated and complex embedded system. Kevin always amazes me with his expert level of understanding of hardware and software and how they apply to higher level system architecture. He generates functional code very quickly and makes the development process very smooth and efficient. He assisted me in troubleshooting my hardware with the integration of his software. He is always a pleasure to work with, even at 2 in the morning when we are on a tight schedule! He is, by far, the brightest software engineer with whom I have worked. He puts 100% of his effort into the job and is a dedicated associate. I would recommend him with the highest of confidence!

Jay Skolnik
Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer
Skolnik Technical

I had the opportunity to work with Kevin at SVS, Inc. He was one of the tech leads on the Company's #1 commercial development project. Based on that experience, I knew he would be excellent as the leader of the embedded software team at InLight Solutions, and we recruited him to join us. He consistently exceeded our expectations for his technical work. As a leader, he successfully motivated and worked alongside his team to execute projects on time and budget. He interfaced with fellow engineers, scientists and his senior management just as well as he did with his team members. When he needed to understand the business side of his decisions, he wouldn't hesitate to come to me for advice, and then develop the appropriate strategy. Given the opportunity, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Kevin onto my team again.

Jim McNally, PhD
Vice President, InLight Solutions, Inc.
Vice President, Operations, SVS, Inc.

I am pleased to recommend Kevin DeVries as a candidate for senior software development positions. In my capacity as the manager of a seven million dollar Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator subsystem Kevin worked closely with me for over three years as my Software Development Lead. In that capacity he demonstrated his mastery of both technical and leadership skills. As often is the case when demonstrating new technology, many of the important operational details are ill-defined and change often. Kevin was consistently proactive in identifying and interfacing with the appropriate subject matter experts to extract the salient information to fold into the software architecture. In addition to being the software lead on the project, he also participated effectively as part of the development team. Kevin took an active role in mentoring the less experienced team members in all areas of software development. I have no reservations about enthusiastically endorsing Kevin's technical experience, leadership ability, and strong work ethic - he is a valuable asset to his organization.

Leslie Sullivan
Senior Software Engineer
Boeing-SVS, Inc.

I have worked with Kevin on numerous occasions over the past 10 years. I have worked with him both as a peer and as his supervisor. Kevin is a superb software engineer with a keen understanding of the interface and performance issues associated with embedded systems. He produces excellent designs and documentation which lead to solid code. I have found Kevin to be good natured and easy to work with. He would be a great addition to any organization.

Michael Dillow
Engineering Manager
Boeing-SVS, Inc.

Kevin is a very sharp and capable professional software engineer with deep knowledge of computer science and other science and math. His skills are especially strong in the software design and problem solving areas where I have come to respect and depend on his input. His expertise in the variety of programming languages, tools and techniques and his dedication to projects he is involved with deliver the final results which I could define as state of the art software with a very little or no problem at all from the initial stages to the end user implementation. All that, plus great communication skills, make him a valuable addition to any software engineering team. He also is a fun guy to work with, with a very good sense of humor.

Ilya Rempel
Principal Software Engineer
CS Innovations, A Westinghouse Electric Company